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American (Born in Korea, Seoul)

Lives & works in Santa Clara, CA 95050

Holy One Presbyterian Church in America Pastor

Holy One Mission President 

Arnion Art Studio Instructor

Arnion Gallery Art Curator 

Paul Art Lee is a pastor and an artist who bases his works on the gospel, particularly of the Christian mind and spirit. Paul Art Lee is also an author. His book 'God is Love,' published 2017, is about salvation of the Christian faith.


Chugye University for the Arts, B.A

Chong Shin University in USA, M.Div. /Th.M/ D. Min.

Solo Exhibitions

Life from Freedom, Nau Gallery, 1991

Breakaway from Freedom, Gallery Yehyang, 1992 

Freedom in the Soul Fallen Asleep, ChunCheon Art Gallery, 1995

The Cross in Jesus Christ, Santa Monica Art Studio: Hangar Gallery, 2017

God is Love, Park View Gallery, 2017

In God’s Love, Arena1 Gallery, 2018

The Love Story of The Cross, Arena1 Gallery. 2019

Invitational Exhibition

Unknown, Bergamot Station: Sarah Lee Gallery, 2009

Dream of Life, AndrewShire Gallery, 2010

Jewelry Box of my Heart, Park View Gallery, 2017

Group Exhibition / USA

Emotion & Expression, Bergamot Station: Sarah Lee Gallery, 2009

Association of Christian Artists, Modern Art Gallery, 2009

The King Has Come, Ever Art Gallery, 2012

Christian Autumn Exhibition, Ever Art Gallery, 2012

The Fruit of the Light, Park View Gallery, 2017

Father and Son, George Billis Gallery. 2019

Group Exhibition / KOREA

Exhibition of Two Artists, Seok Gallery, 1984

Blue Flag, Hangang Museum of Art, 1985

Expression  Gurimmadang Min, 1986  Na Gallery, 1989  

Kwanhoon, Gallery, 1991

Exhibition of Independants, Nat’l Museum of Modern and Contemp. Art, 1986

Four Generations, Arab Gallery, 1986 

Dongduk Gallery & Kwanhoon Gallery, 1987; Sign Gallery in Busan, 1988; Baegak Gallery, 1989

’91 Proliferation of Consciousness, Kyung-in Museum of Fine Art, 1991

The Gray Zone, Samjung Gallery, 1991

Infinite 190-1, Kwanhoon Gallery, 1991

Unfolding Images, Gallery Doll, 1991

Some Messages 10 Artists Saw on an Autumn Day, Cheongnam Gallery, 1991

Groping for Form and Abstract, Gallery Yehyang, 1992

Exhibition of Korean Fine Art Association Nat’l Museum of Modern and Contemp. Art, 1994  Nat’l Museum of Modern and Contemp. Art, 1995

Awards & Achievements

13th Gusangjeon Contest Exhibit Arts Council Korea, 1984

2nd Seoul International Art Festival Special Recognition / Sejong Center, 1984

2nd Misulsegye Grand Exhibition Kyung-in Museum of Fine Art, 1991


Prelude to Freedom and Peace Performance at Ui-dong Valley, 1986 Winter Daeseong-ri 101 Artists Exhibition Installation Art at Daeseong-ri Field, 1986


God is Love. 2017

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