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We are pleased to announce the fourth solo exhibition of our
son Ryan, in my garden IV.
Ryan loved to play in the garden as a child. His eyes were filled
with delights when he watched beautiful flowers dancing with
gentle breeze. Now that he has grown into an artist, it is only
natural that he enjoys creating his own little garden with delicate
strokes and bold colors.
Ryan’s exhibitions are adorned with unique and abstract flowers.
He excludes realistic complexity with the use of simple forms
and lines, bringing out the vibrant aesthetic essence of nature.
The paintings reflect the pure sensation you would encounter
upon facing beautifully tendered garden.
It is both Ryan and our wish to spread joy and tranquility to the
busy modern world, where people are in need of break and
relaxation. We truly believe that the upcoming exhibition,
in my garden IV, will once again refresh the minds of people through everlasting flowers that would
never wither away.
We sincerely invite you to the new garden of our beloved son. Please join us and encourage his journey
of as an artist.

Ryan’s Parents / Mr. and Mrs. Kim
August 2019

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