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Yellow lrises

Artist Statement

During the time when the world stopped due to an invisible virus with so many unknowns, Ryan Kim was in the garden. Through the instability of the last two years, the flowers bloomed with the seasons as they have for eons. And as is flowers’ nature, they bloom and share their beauty and then wither when it is time. As he prepares to paint, Kim meditates on how the blooms can best be captured on the canvas. He spends time with the flowers, pondering their essential forms and colors. When he paints, he attempts to depict them in their purest form. He paints using various techniques, sometimes with intensity and sometimes with restraint, but always with an energy that bursts out of the canvas. There is a rawness to the lines and a power to the colors.


For Kim, flowers speak to inevitability and to the beauty inherent in life and in people. There is a time and a season for everything and that we must trust that things happen at the right time and for a reason.


Ryan Kim was born with unique sensory responses that are different from other people. A sound that most people might find jarring may be a happy sound to him, and a sound that is very quiet to other people might be very loud to him. He like the clear and simple sound of birds in the morning. His eye responds to light in a unique way - the way bright sun plays off water inspires him. In the flower paintings, Ryan Kim is capturing and cataloging the intensity of nature and of joy.

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