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Artist Statement

“In my garden III” is the third solo exhibition of our son Ryan. When we
were preparing for his first exhibition last year, we were worried that
Ryan, who had autism, would not do well. However, after two successful
exhibitions, and now getting ready for the third, we are convinced
that he would be a good artist.
Ryan has loved art since he was a child, and he enjoys painting more
than anything else. He sits patiently in front of a canvas and does his
best to create his little garden. We are delighted and proud as we watch
his brush glide across the screen.
Ryan draws flowers in the garden every day. Before his first exhibition,
the flowers he portrayed were indistinct and somewhat abstract.
Following the exhibition, Ryan became more immersed in painting. His
skills began to improve noticeably. By the second exhibition, his works
began to depict concrete forms. He continuously marched forward
even when he wasn’t feeling well or had a fitful sleep.
With the third exhibition two weeks ahead, Ryan’s garden has become
more profound than ever. Energetic lines and thick textures bring out
distinct shapes and add depth to his garden. His concentration has
also improved. He used to be distracted by his surroundings very often, but now he can focus much longer.
Art experts assess Ryan’s works as having the beauty that derives from tranquility and moderate simplification.
We sincerely invite you to join the third solo exhibition of our beloved son and encourage his journey of as an artist.

Ryan’s Parents / Mr. and Mrs. Kim
August 2018

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